Giften Donations



Dankzij giften die we ontvangen, kunnen we mensen met laag of zonder inkomen toch voorzien van therapie. Iedere gift, hoe klein ook, kan ons helpen om niet alleen alle mensen van hulp te voorzien maar ook om ons voortdurend bij te scholen om een zo professioneel mogelijk aanbod te voorzien.


U kan uw gift storten op het rekeningnummer IBAN BE14 9795 8738 1683 BIC ARSPBE22 (Argenta) met de vermelding ‘Gift uw naam en uw bedrag’.





We rely on donations and gifts to carry on providing our much needed services. Whether a little or a lot, we appreciate any gift from our wonderful donors! Every penny / eurocent of your donation to Extimacy will go towards enabling our professional and fully accredited counselling and psychotherapy team to provide high quality professional psychotherapy to those who would otherwise be unable to afford it.


Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we can continue our work to positively change people’s lives. Our fees start at 35 euros per session, with the average fee being 45 euros. Imagine the difference even a small donation can make!


Thank you for your support of Extimicy. Your gift helps bridge the gap between our low patient fees and the actual cost of providing our services to patiens in need.



You can donate your gift on the bank account IBAN: BE14 9795 8738 1683 BIC: ARSP BE 22 with ‘Donation your name and the amount’ as a reference.

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